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William Wolf Movie Reviews
British Columbia Ministry of Health website
Content Management Systems (CMS) that drives Provincial health portal
E-commerce membership site for well-known wine expert, Tony Aspler
Health Buddy Interactive Tool via MSN Messenger Tab


Eric Voegelin Society
The Eric Voegelin Institute (EVI) honors the scholarship and memory of Erich Hermann Wilhelm Voegelin, one of the greatest teachers in the history of Louisiana State University, a man widely recognized as one of the premier minds of the 20th century.

Barskoon, Jety-Ogyz Rayon, Issyk-Kul Oblast, Kyrgyzstan
Barskoon is a village of roughly 7,300 residents living in approximately 2,000 family units located on the south shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. The main sources of income are from growing crops and raising and selling livestock. Some families do have additional income from the major employers in the village. These include Kindirbaev Secondary School, Kumtar Gold Mine, Barskoon’s Hospital, Bakyt Craft Factory, and shops located in the village.

Ozurgeti, Guria, Georgia
Guria is a region in Western Georgia located near the Black Sea, and is comprised of several small villages and the regional capital of Ozurgeti. The Guria region suffers from exceedingly high unemployment resulting largely in the economic depression of the entire area. Currently almost all of the factories in the region that at one point in time were profitable are now shut down.

Big Brothers and Sisters of Cleveland, Ohio
PrymeTime internet program for students

Cleveland Plain Dealer - Web Heroes
Article about local web developers with my first site where I taught kids web development


Ekaterina Genieva
“We have reached a point of no return” Russia’s most renowned librarian talks to ‘Meduza’ about state inspections, foreign agents, and cultural exchange

If you make “a university a microcosm of society” — one of the slogans advocated by certain revolutionary students — “The university should be a microcosm of society” — that means it should be exactly as rotten as the society that it is supposed to balance. Then, you would have an institution that is neither useful for any purpose in society nor is it worth the expense. Sooner or later the people who pay the money will find that out. They will close it down.

Once the patterns of violence and atrocity are set, one never can know what effects they will have. The ways of causation in these matters are tortuous and often incred­ible. Those who scream today in horror at the Nazi gas chambers, for instance, might read with profit Mein Kampf in order to learn when and where Hitler’s idea of judicious extermination of political enemies by means of poison gas germinated (Reynal and Hitchcock edition, p. 984).

On Charity
“Bertrand Russell, who, when asked why he did not give to charity, replied: ‘I’m afraid you’ve got it all wrong. We are Socialists. We don’t pretend to be Christians.’” Needless to say, that witty retort contains a whole theology and a philosophy that deserve to be spelled out. The logic of classic socialism makes Christianity not only superfluous—everyone has everything by rights—but impossible—no one has anything to give.

Liberal Education
Rather, the university is primarily an enclave wherein one is free to teach the truth, no matter in what city a university might exist. The “city” that the university looked to was one “in speech” or “in mind,” as Plato said.


White Sun of the Desert
The Orient is a delicate matter (Восток — дело тонкое); refers to any complicated or difficult matter, not necessarily "oriental" in nature.

- Какое кино? - «Разбитое сердце». - Про войну? - Нет, про любовь.

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